What should I expect from my Lawyer in a Personal Injury Case in Georgia?

We get a lot of clients who will contact us because they’re not getting communication from their lawyer. They don’t understand and the anatomy of their case because their lawyer isn’t telling them. They can’t get in touch with their lawyer. And sometimes in the middle of a litigation, they feel like they’re being pressured to resolve a case. And so I’ve thought in my career, you know, what is the building block of a relationship? What ethically, professionally should a client expect from their lawyer? And first and foremost, a client should expect honest and consistent communication from the lawyer. And that has to happen from day one. And that communication needs to be not only a discussion where the lawyer can understand the case and understand the facts of the case, but a discussion where the lawyer can honestly talk to the client about expectations and have the expectations align in terms of how long the case is going to take to resolve what the steps are. And certainly the value of the case. It’s the client’s case, though. We work for the client and the client gets the final decision on the case. So in a situation where a client comes to us and says, I believe the case is worth more and we can evaluate it and honestly talk to the client and tell them that we agree, that’s time for us to go to work, develop the liability, develop the damages, and get the client full and fair compensation for the injury.