Do I qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits in Georgia?

Total wage replacement is owed to any employee who misses more than one week of work due to their on the job injury or accident.

Unfortunately, in the state of Georgia, injured workers are not owed 100% of what they usually make, but a reduced amount.

Specifically 67% or two thirds of their average weekly wage.

Let’s say, for example, that I make $600 per week in gross wages.

If I miss three months of work due to my on the job injury,

I should be receiving a check every week for $400, which would be two thirds of my average wage.

There is, however, a cap on income benefits and it’s currently set to $675 per week.

Therefore, if you are a high wage earner, let’s say you earn $2,000 per week, you will not receive two thirds of this amount.

You would receive the cap of $675 per week.

The maximum benefit amount is determined by the Georgia legislature and it’s increased every few years to keep pace with the average income in the state.