What benefit does Workers’ Compensation provide in Georgia?

People are often confused about whether their specific injury or illness qualifies for workers’ comp benefits.

While a consultation with an expert workers’ comp lawyer is the surest way to know if you should be covered. I can offer a few guidelines.

First, there’s no waiting period for workers’ comp benefits. You’re covered on your very first day on the job.

Second, there’s no hourly requirements.

Workers’ comp benefits are available to full time, part time, and even seasonal workers such as tax preparers.

Lastly, where an injury or illness results in death, the spouse and minor children up to 18 or 22 if they’re enrolled in college,
are the primary beneficiaries.

If the deceased was not married and they do not have any qualifying children, partially dependent persons may qualify for income benefits.

The most common example of a secondary beneficiary is an elderly parent who received monetary support from a child.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for workers’ comp, give me a call for free consultation.